Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

The Seminole Tribe seized a trailer park. Read about it here

Melanie(In Maryland)the GM who hired me has left the company. Her last day was Friday July 18. Fe is still the retail Manager they promoted someone else to be GM.

The hurricane Dolly's outer rings sure did make for some interesting Thunder Boomers on Thursday.

The Navajo Nation has banned commercial tobacco use in public. They can still use tobacco for ceremonies tho.

I have finally been given a answer to why I still have a leaky roof. It is the air conditioner. The bottom of the air conditioner has rusted out and when water gets in thru the fan area it drips down onto my drop ceiling. The air conditioner company has given a estimate for repairs to my DM.

Lina bought a car.

The IRS says Mom doesn't qualify for a stimulus check now after it told her before to expect it in July.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Rawr about the IRS....
But yippee that the leak issue has been defined?

Nope.....doesn't outshine that stimulus check, dangit...