Sunday, August 03, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

Rachael is now living in Maryland with her father again.

Wade went to Provincetown for the weekend. Mom is staying at his house. Sioux had a breakdown the second night there and I had to go get her. She missed her Mommy.

This is Wades view.

Sean is being stationed in Hawaii after he graduates in Nov.

My new baby (the Mazda) had its first check up and it's fine.

Being in a MRI is like being in a very noisy coffin. They don't give you roses either. But laying there on that plastic slab for 1 hr 45 minutes gave me the worst backache.

I have a new 3rd key.


Linda said...

I have to agree that MRIs are not designed for comfort or for giving one the warm fuzzies. I made the mistake of opening my eyes while I was in once - augh! Never again would I do that - eyes shut tight until I'm pulled back out!

Mel said...

This is why 'open air' MRI's are WONDERFUL!'s a lovely view from Wade's little place. (WOW!!!!!!)
And gosh....I think I'm sad for Rachael, even if it might be for the good.....