Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

Our new air conditioner unit on the doctor side was installed yesterday. It was to replace the leaky bottom one.

The Last 2 Sundays I had to hold training sessions from 10-12 for my employees.

Mom and I are watching the hurricane Fay very closely. Its our first hurricane in Florida.

I can no longer buy food for the store/meetings and repay myself from petty cash. I have to fill out an expense report.

I found a place that will deliver a 5' helium tank and pick it up when its empty. The cost will be about .21 a balloon compared to the $1.00 a balloon for the throw away ones I buy at party city. I still haven't found a place to throw the empty tanks away yet. 2 are now rolling around in my trunk.

Wade is participating in a bowl- a- thon today.(Actually that was yesterday..I'm so confused)

Its Gator hunting season till Nov 1.

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Mel said...


I'd hate to estimate the number of folks injured during the season.

And I since it lasts til November--holy moly....