Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

When we move we have a herd of parrots that visit us every morning and evening.

We haven't been successful in finding out what kind they are. We have heard rumors an aviary was destroyed when Wilma hit and all the birds escaped. Our parrots may be escapees.

I played a little better Wednesday night at darts but I still lost both games but I was at least competing.

I did go on a date last night and it didn't go so well. I knew the man was gonna be chubby but I thought he was gonna be chubby like Jack Black and he turned out to be the size of Hurley from Lost. I feel like a very petty individual because I called the date off short and asked to be taken home. Wish I stayed home with my book. It wasn't just his size but some behaviors that I just can't abide.

We managed to save the week on Thursday and Friday. By Wednesday close of business we were not even 1/2 to making comp for the week. The Ninjas kicked butt and pulled through. We ended up .43 over last year.

One of my part timers who wouldn't come to the Training meetings quit. That frees up hours for my 2 new employees that are doing really well.

I got a new phone. Well its not new but its new to me. Wade gave me his Vcast phone since he got one like a Iphone. I might just have to read the "other Man's opinion" to figure out how to use it. It has a real keyboard.


Mel said...

Oh, parrots in the morning and evening! cool sunrise must be! (and how noisey)

And you're really gonna enjoy that keyboard for texting. I wouldn't bother if I didn't have mine.

wade said...

they are Quaker Parrots