Saturday, October 11, 2008

Direct TV made my head explode

We are moving in with Wade so he already had Direct TV service but we wanted to upgrade it.
We had an appointment for Thursday at Noon.
The guy that showed up didn't speak English very well and there was much confusion.
He wanted to drill holes in the wall in different places than we needed them. He wanted to make it easy, we were thinking about demolition plans and where it should go so not to be in the way. He spent a lot of time on the phone in his truck. He drilled a lot of holes. He left the screen porch door open, in fact he put the closer thing set to open and let in all the yard mesquitos. He mumbled a lot.
Lina was here when he left and he argued with her a lot in Spanish. Mom and I had no idea what was going on.
He was here for 5 hours and he left us without any service because he couldn't find the satellite.
Now I have known bubba's in West Virginia and N.C. that head on down to Radio Shack, buy themselves one of those fancy dishes, come home, climb onto the trailer house roof, and they are sitting in their barco-lounger drinking beer and watching the races in a few hours. This guy had 5 hours and couldn't do it.
Then Wade got on the phone with Direct TV and raised holy hell. Still at 10am Friday we had not heard anything.
That's when I had to become a pit bull. From 10am till 7:30pm, when they finally got someone out here, I had to scream, threaten and totally annoy Direct TV and the install contractor. I had to get numbers and I called them back often. I had to be such a bitch my head felt like it was going to explode.
We finally got service at 9:30pm just in time to see the end of Stargate Atlantis.

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Mel said...

Well, if I ever need help, I know where to go!

You go girl!
(and feel better soon, eh?)