Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

There is this radio ad that has been playing on 93 rock. At first I thought they were advertising a No Beer Bus...kinda pissed me off and say WTF at the same time. Turns out it a No Fear Bus..its some kind of energy drink.

One of those days I was still sleeping at the apt and coming over in the morning for breakfast and coffee a spider ran into the front door when I was coming in. I'm terrified of spiders, I started shrieking and got the dogs all upset. The spider ran under the mat and I did the death dance on top of the mat squealing all the while. I did check to see if it was was. But that's as far as it went, there was no way I was picking it up. Spiders often come back to life just to crawl on me. Well the ants took care of it...I checked the next day to make sure it was still dead and the ants ate most of it. The third day it was gone. I'm glad I saw the ants eating it because I would have believed it did come back to life and was stalking me. Nothing scarier than zombie spiders.

The Two men and a Truck Movers told us where to get Blue Crabs in Davie.

Robert Downey Jr has a new movie coming out called The Soloist.

We can't leave a thing on the counter in the kitchen. Everything must go in the fridge or be in bags. While its great for the ants to eat dead spiders I don't fancy them on my food. We tried all kinds or sprays, granules and ant traps so far nothings worked and Neely will eat the granules if we didn't catch her.

We have to put Lizzie away every morning. Walker and Neely are toy killers. They have destroyed almost all Sioux's toys already. Sioux is so attached to Lizzie I just don't know how she will take it being gone.

When you're on staycation and have the flu and your moving and Direct TV makes your head explode...its real easy to forget what day of the week it is. I almost forgot to do the 7 things.


Mel said...

Oh poor thing. Ucky and spiders and ants.
At least you know where you can feed your feelings? ;-)

Linda said...

I'm sitting here laughing while picturing you jumping up and down on the mat while doing the Dance of Death for the spider underneath it squealing the whole time! You poor thing!