Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I got a rack.....

No, I didn't have plastic surgery, but now have a way to transport bicycles.
Thanks for the refund, Smartcar!
I also purchased lights and a new water bottle. I forgot to tell you about playing in traffic to get my water bottle back, didn't I?
Riding back from the beach Sunday on Sheridan Road, we were on the very nice biking/jogging/walking path and I hit a bump. I was coasting down the hill caused by the bridge that goes over the canal, and hit the bump pretty hard. My water bottle flew out of the water bottle holder and went into the road. It continued down the hill. I couldn't run after it because traffic was in the road.
If you were on Sheridan Road on Sunday riding toward the beach, you saw a woman in peddle pushers and a really short pony tail wincing every time someone almost hit her water bottle.
Finally traffic slowed down enough for me to run out and retrieve my run-away water bottle.
Lina yelled at me.

She said I should have just left it.

I was thirsty.

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Mel said...


From the visual that just played in my head of that poor water bottle bouncing and rolling--and you wincing and gasping....

The poor thing. And then it gets replaced? Awwwwwww.....