Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long ride into the wind

I set off for the beach this morning. The wind is blowing quiet strongly. The whole trip to the beach was into the wind. Sometimes I think if I was going any slower I'd topple over. But I soldiered on.
Once I got to the beach it wasn't any easier. Riding from Hollywood to Sheridan I was still heading into the wind.

I had to stop at Charnow park for a rest and then plowed on to the turtle cafe where I filled my water bottle.
Riding back toward Hollywood was a breeze with the wind toward my back.
I turned around and parked near Nick's and went walking in the surf. It was too windy to sunbathe even.
My feet needed the sand and salt water because I wore those new Brown shoes yesterday. I have blisters on both my big toes right under the toe nail and one on my heel. But they did look good even if I say so myself.

After my pedicure walk I headed back to Nicks for lunch and a beer. Then I went home.

It would have been easier if I hadn't been so gosh darn tired from the trip in. The trip home was long and tiring. I even considered calling Mom to come get me in the Jeep.
They gave her a jeep for her rental while they work on the Altima.
On the bridge a old man ran me into the barrier. I think he was deaf. I was calling out and he moved over so I went to pass and he moved back into me and I scuffed up my calf on the wall.
Next time I'm going Sheridan...the bridge is wider.
When I got home I stripped down to my bikini and jumped in the Hot Tub. I was relaxing with the jets on my shoulder and eyes closed when a big splash hit next to me. My first thought was the feral cat fell thru the screen into the tub.
It was Sioux...she wanted to be with her Mommy so bad she jumped in the hot tub. I think she was very surprized to find it full of water. We now know Sioux can swim.

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Mel said...

Okay, okay......I can do the snapshots and dialogue. How about if we compromise?
Once a month--you turn off the television?

Just sayin'....LOL