Sunday, November 02, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

I should always check with the bartender to see if clam juice is in the bloody mary mix.

Lost about 2 thousand dollars in my retirement account due to the economic crisis.

Last Sunday the alarm company called me because the motion sensor in the stock room was going off. We thought it was just the rat but the roof hatch sensor went off too. If it was the rat it was a big one if he could climb the ladder and move the roof hatch. Mom and I drove out there to check everything out. While I'm wandering around to see if I had an intruder, Mom was shopping for glasses. There wasn't anything but the wind on the roof but what if there was?

My second staycation started off with me being sick and broke. But at least I don't have to move this time.

When we lived in the apartment we complained about the monkey girls across the hall all the time but nobody else did so. Management asked last week when we were going to move out. Mom assured them we haven't been in the apartment since my moving staycation was over. It seems that since our apartment is now empty, it echos all the monkey girl's noise to all the other neighbors.

I found the test strips in the shed for the hot tub. It's easier than the pool test kit in figuring out what it needs. I had to buy more chlorine too.

I fed Neeley and Walker last week, and it seems I fed her too much so now I'll let Mom do it. Neeley is staring at me now..she prefers if I do it.


Mel said...

LOL Neely knows a good thing!

And omg.....clam juice?!

Another staycation? Wow......

Last Minute Lyn said...

Since they removed my thyroid I can't eat shellfish. I suspect clam juice was hiding in those Bloody mary's from what it did to me.

Linda said...

I don't even want to know how much money has disappeared out of my retirement account. It was too depressing before all this!