Sunday, November 09, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

In October, Miami had its first no homicide month since 1966.

We found a Filipino market in Miramar. I called. They don't have Toto Al's Longanisa but they do have Hola Hola. Now I just have to have money to fill the freezer up with Longanisa.

The first Tuesday in November was selected for voting because we were a Nation of Farmers. In November the harvest is over and the weather is still not too bad for traveling.

The Teenie Beanie Baby we have been calling Lizzie is actually Iggy. Wonder why she never said anything?

The destroyers (Walker and Neely) have to eat a special dog food. Our usual supplier was out. We had to go to Plantation to buy dog food, so while there I stopped in on the store to retrieve my laptop. I was accused of not being able to stay away while on staycation.

Sean Allen has his orders...he's going to Kentucky. That's so much better than where I thought he was going to be stationed.

I found that little park by Hollywood Blvd on one of my bike rides. Mom checked it out with the dogs and it's actually 2 parks that run along the canal from Hollywood to Johnson. The Lion's Park and Stan Goldman Memorial Park. It has a designated fishing spot and a purple playground and a skateboard arena and a street hockey field. It also has quite a few homeless residents.


Lizza said...

Hmm, I'm not familiar with Hola Hola longganisa. Gotta go look it up! My brother and his family live in Miramar. You're almost neighbors. :-)

Last Minute Lyn said...

Hola hola is a desert like thing with crushed ice and sweet beans and gelatin and coconut
I used to get it all the time in MD but down here I could buy the fixins but nobody makes it.
The longanisa brand Tito Al's just happens to be our fav.

Mel said...



<-- going to look for coconut

Acacia said...

Nice post…. It sounds like you just love traveling.