Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

I didn't loose my mind. The above photo is in keeping with the clocks theme...they are 4 O'clocks...pretty clever, eh?

Some people in this world actually eat Mac and Cheese without hot sauce. I know its hard to believe, but true.

Moshe is now a licensed Optician.

I witnessed a dinosaur migration on Tuesday. At least 7 very big Iguanas crossed the bike path right in front of me...sorry I didn't have time to whip out the camera phone.

We got our first electric bill and it's less than the apartment. That means I can keep the Hot Tub on...woohoo.

On the TV show Bones they mentioned Bowie, Maryland, and actually pronounced it correctly. They had a sheriff (in P.G. County, no way) and he had this bizarre southern accent that no self-respecting Prince Georges County resident would be caught with. I gave them points for correctly pronouncing it, tho.

I had to call the VW in Winston Salem looking for a frame. We chatted, I told her I used to live there, and had been in that store....she laughed, she used to live in Florida but on the west coast.

We had a flood in the store Thursday. First, when I came to work there was a backhoe in the grassy yard behind the store. Around 4pm the lights went out for less than a minute. Then all the drains became fountains. We are located in the Fountains Shopping Center but, the feces was not a particularly nice addition. The plumber was called and then they sent someone out to clean the mess. I called Real Estate and they called the management company. The management company response....we were not doing construction behind the VW. So I went out and took pics. Then they said they were doing landscaping. They moved a full grown tree. So the end of the story is, I had to have the plumber say it was because of the landscaping and he wouldn't. He snaked a drain and found polishing grit in the pipes. It's all too convenient, it all happened when they were landscaping with a backhoe.

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Mel said...

Of course the two aren't related..... *rolling eyes*

And darn that the camera was at home when the dinosaurs were migrating.
*chuckling* I can't imagine.
They do have 'iguana crossing' signs, right?