Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

I have this T-shirt that John gave me awhile back. I love the way the shirt fits, but I didn't know what the logo was. I have been seeing this logo on trucks and on men so I finally asked one of them. Its a surfing company logo........Lost.

Mom usually makes out a check to herself for the rent, and signs my name. Often, she asks me to sign hers for the credit card at stores......she panics if she thinks she's holding up the line. We have been doing this for some time. Friday, she handed me my checkbook to sign my check and I signed her name on it.

My fire alarm at work keeps going off. Once at 3am and last Friday at 12:57. They sent out the fireman. (oooo firemen) I had to get the alarm company to come out and work on the system. He needs parts and left with the alarm beeping. It will be beeping till Monday. I have been calling it our self destruct countdown. I get to see the cute fireman/fire marshal on Monday, too. That is, if I don't go crazy from the beeping. They are coming to take me away...they are coming to take me away.

Bellsouth in their infinite wisdom has turned off our main email accounts. When we moved we were assured our accounts could be transferred to Wade's existing account. They did a work order and everything. Of course they cut it off on a holiday weekend when nobody is there to fix it...I think they do that on purpose.

Its been kinda cool down here this last week. We haven't had to turn on the air for 14 days. The patio is like a another room with the screened-in porch. We spend a lot of time out the hot tub. Now I just have to find a way to get speakers for my Ipod out there.

I saw gas for $1.88 a gallon on Oakland Park Blvd. It was on Thanksgiving and I was so shocked, and in Turkey Coma symptoms, the light turned green and I just sat there. Someone beeped and woke me up. South Florida residents are considerate like that.

Walker will not play with the new Lizzie. He will, however, stand over it to let you know it's there and to protect it for Sioux.


Mel said...

$1.79 a gallon.

How's THAT?

Wanna sign a check for my next fill up?


Linda said...

I wonder how it is that firemen are usually kinda cute?? Must be a job requirement or something!

Gas it still around $1.86 a gallon up here in Connecticut. Hoping it continues to go down, though!