Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sunrise over the water treatment plant

Since I really can't get in a long ride until Sunday, and Thursdays are the day I close, this morning I rode out to Dunkin Donuts to get some decent coffee.
Our usual coffee recipe is 2 parts Whole Food Pleasant Morning Buzz and 1 part Dunkin Donuts, whole beans of course. Lately we have been out of both and drinking 8 O'clock Coffee.
So I jumped out of bed and got on my bike and rode over to Hollywood Blvd. Sunrise was at 6:30 something this morning, I was on wheels at 6:40. It's already humid.
It's a pretty short ride, nothing to brag about, but my legs still hurt from Tuesday. I was so tired yesterday I didn't go to darts and was in bed by 10.
Afterwards, I knocked the garage door off track, let Walker out and had to chase him and had a fight with Mom over where my bike can sit till Sunday.
Walker had a good morning, he got to chase a cat.


Mel said...

Yeah, but was the cat caught?

Sunrises......gosh I love that wee bit of light on the horizon....

Wade said...

best to fool him into chasing you when he gets out. you chasing him is a game to him.

Grandma said...

Well, it was easy to capture him. She told him Grandma would take him for a walk, and he ran back to Grandma who put him inside the fence. He likes his walks.