Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

On my meetup profile one of the riders left a greeting:
“ It was great meeting & talking to you Sunday...It was a nice, leisurely ride..Hope to see you & your partner on future trips. ”
I told him I usually ride with Lina..does he think we are a couple?

My favorite radio station is going to not be my favorite anymore. They are adding a Morning Show to their programming. They were my favorite because they played music, now they are joining the rest of the pack with some simpleton talking his fool head off..must dust off the ipod

Sean and his gf may be pregnant. I may be a grandmother but its still early yet..I'll keep you posted. I'm way to young to be a GMom.

I loaded the Ipod with Christmas music but one song I really want I can't get to load and I don't have the CD anymore. It was on the Amy Grant Christmas album and it was called Breath of Life or Mary's song. I can't go buy the cd again (Banking Fiasco left me broke)and its a shame because it was my favorite song.

One of the Christmas songs I have been playing at work Lechon, Lechon, Lechon is a Latin ditty that celebrates Christmas and pork. Its doubly offensive to Moshe.

Nighttime photos come out better at night when I use the flash even if the subject is too far away for the flash to be effective.

The Dark side of the Moon bike tour has been moved for this coming Wednesday. We are going light hunting.


Mel said...

A g'ma, huh?

Feel free to step into 'too young to be a g'ma' line....ummm...behind me, of course.....

(congratulations--IF they're in order, of course.....)

Linda said...

I thought I was way too young to be a grandma, too, but now my grandson is 3-1/2 already!

Have you looked on-line to perhaps find a free MP3 download of that song you like? Or maybe you could buy just the one song to download instead of buying the whole CD??

Lina said...

Pandora has that song by a few artists, although not by Amy Grant. Check it out ... maybe another version will do.