Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday Ride

According to Google it was 1.6 miles to the doctors and 3.2 coming home. I avoided Hollywood and Park because of the construction and took the long way home. So 4.8 miles for the morning and I'm thinking bout riding down to Lee's and getting my lights installed for a night time ride in Weston tomorrow evening. Maybe I'll just use the rack since I wanna ride tomorrow...don't wanna have my legs go out on me and get embarrassed in front of all those new people.

Remember last week I had blood work done? Well, today I got the results from those test, and you wanna know what I found out?

I'm hyper thyroid again. That means I have to go back to the blue pills.
I haven't lost any weight since March but I've lost inches...my clothing tells me so!
Bike riding has improved my blood pressure.
The doctors want me to go on Prednesone to make my eye swelling go down.(no way, I'm bitch on wheels while taking Prednesone)
Since I just got a new RX and it's for 90 days and it cost more than $50.00 I guess I'll be splitting pills for the next little while.


Linda said...

I think that losing inches matters a lot more than losing pounds because inches determines how you look!

Mel said...

maybe it's that 'building muscle' deal? (one can hope)

Matters of health aren't particularly making me thrilled right now either.
We just do what we gotta do, eh?