Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hidden Beach

When I picked up my new car on Thursday the rack they promised me was not installed due to it being on back order. I didn't want to put the kayak on the new car so I arranged to ride with Fernando and Rob to Stuart.
When the Wanna Do kayak trip had ended Sean told us about a hidden beach they found the week before. He said it was a 20 minute kayak across the intercoastal to a mangrove trail for about 5 minutes where we beach the boats and walk thru the woods to a totally undeveloped Beach on the Atlantic.
The 20 minute paddle turned into about 45 but we were playing musical boats. My kayak is good for twisty rivers with lots of snags, but in open water it really sucks. Sean took mine and I got to paddle his Hurricane sit on top. When we got to the mangrove trail I struggled in his long boat. I was the first to arrive at the pullout and it was low tide. I paddled as far as I could and stepped out into knee deep mud. Sean was right behind me and devised a train of kayaks to pull everyone else in. I think I appreciated the mud tho..the mosquitoes were horrible. Once we got everyone on land we practically ran from the mosquitoes and black flies onto the beach. It was just like in a movie...Dark shady forest to a pristine beach. The surf was strong..some storm off the coast and high winds..but we swam, ate swam some more. The tide kept getting lower and lower so about 5:30 we thought it best to leave. Once again we had to paddle in mud and do bumper boats to get unstuck. The Inter coastal crossing was easier with the wind to our backs but by that time I was plum wore out. Fernando, Rob and I went to Baskin Robins and ate ice cream..I think I earned a no no food after that adventure.
Photos to come............

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Mel said...

Ewwwww.....black flies and mosquitos. As long as you could outrun 'em and the view was so fantastic....what the heck!

New car, eh?
No photo of the new wheels?!