Friday, July 02, 2010

Hump Day Ride patriotic style

Vanessa only took one shot...well she had the server take it..she is having camera issues

This was my last ride on the Green has served me well and I know she's going into good hands

Only Katheline can pull off that outfit..very patriotic

My new car and Phil's are the same color

We eluded the park authorities and make a quick assent up the hill..not all in the group managed it, so they waited for us outside the park

Too busy going up the hill but took shots coming down

We had to Celebrate making it up the Hill at Vista View for the first time.

This restaurant was painted with murals as if it was a comic book.

Serious Biker talk

Chachy just has to get his finger in the shot.

William and Katheline always finding something to laugh about.

Lots of fun at the after party and a new venue..Tijuana Flats

1 comment:

Mel said...

Very lovely colour for a car. :-)

And wow....if that was going DOWN the hill, I'da hated to see going UP.
Oh, but what a fun place to land at the end.
Someone has a bit of artist in them to paint the murals so brilliantly.