Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

I know its been a long time since I have done this...maybe I'm just not learning as much?...nah..I've just been really busy.

I am 2 points shy on my credit report to lease from Honda...Mazda however will take my money for another 3 years.

I was complaining how during the rainy season Palmetto bugs crawl under my door and come into my house..William informed me they fly...I could have gone my whole life without knowing that and been perfectly happy.

Adams flea spray kills Palmetto bugs.

I have never been much of a runner. I joined this gym with a trainer and she makes us jog and sprint...my knee is killing me all the time now..never been much of a runner.

I finally made it up the hill at Vista View Park..I have been trying to get up that big ole hill for 2 years now and I finally did it!

I like paddle boarding. I found a kayak/paddleboard Now just have to wait for next years tax return.

I lost my dolphin necklace..I love that necklace and I lost it sometime between the hidden beach Saturday and Monday morning getting ready for work. I tore my bed apart looking for it but didn't find it. I had given up and was mourning the loss of my favorite pendant on Thursday when Fernando handed it to me..I lost it while squished in his truck.


Linda said...

ALL that bike riding you do and you feel it's necessary to run, too? Are you nuts, woman???

Mel said...

<-- agrees with Linda!

The bugs fly?! O M G
But I am glad for the found necklace.
(buy flea spray--lots of it!!!!)