Monday, August 23, 2010

Kayak Hauling and other disasters

I still don't have the roof racks for my car.
We had a kayak trip planned and I borrowed a kayak for Whispy.
We didn't leave enough time to properly figure out how to tie them down on her rack.
Mauricio even rode by to go to Lee's and helped but when we got on the Turnpike one of the ratchet tie downs came loose.
We had to stop and readjust twice on the trip up to Jupiter.
the last rearrangement worked so when we loaded the kayaks back we did it the same way.
Coming home we took 95 and the rack disintegrated..for a bit the kayaks were being dragged.
We stopped traffic.
We had to run into 95 and retrieve our kayaks and remove the rack from the road way.

Part of the rack stayed on the left side..after hauling the kayaks across 4 lanes and an entrance ramp, we were not going back for the racks.

Whispy had her phone on her lap when we jumped out...Jorge called me and we wondered why he called me, not Whisp...thats when we realized so we went back. Her phone was in pieces run over many times.


Sonja said...

OMG, that's so horrible. And you two are so hard on cell phones! Glad you are both OK. Of course, where's help when you need it?

Mel said...

Oh boy....sounds like one heck of a mess.
I hope there'll be a time when it's laughable--and I hope that's soon!

sheeeeeshhh...BAD moment in time!