Sunday, September 05, 2010

best laid plans

I worked 9 days strait so I could have the holiday weekend off. I wanted to spend it on a bicycle. I didn't count on getting sick. Friday I got up early to go to the dealership to get my racks for the car..A ride in Boca planned for the evening was canceled. Saturday I was feverish so I didn't make the planned 42 mile ride in Deerfield Beach. On Sunday I wanted to do a ride with the A1A cyclists but still feeling bad, good thing William texted me at 7 cause I completely forgot I was riding with him for our usual Sunday ride. Today we rode 18+ miles without stopping (except for red lights) All the photos were taking in motion.


Linda said...

You rode 18 miles WHILE you were feeling bad? Damn ... !!!

Mel said...

I do hope you're feeling better.

Lovely shot of the lake/pond....while moving?! Holy moly....LOL