Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Derailed

Hollywood Flood waters pushed my boats about.

I Had the whole Labor Day Weekend off and planned to put some serious miles on my bike.
There is a group of riders I belong to that I really wanted to ride with now that I'm stronger and they go for many more miles than we have been doing. Problem is most of their rides are on Saturdays so I can't play. I signed up for their Saturday and Sunday rides.
Kerry has been doing some serious training out west but the traffic to get back to Hollywood has kept me close to home. Monday I signed up to do her "dump" ride. She does laps at Vista View(that big ole hill I just this year got up) She does like 4-6 laps of that hill. I can't get out there and back and still go to work so I planned to take the day off to do it.
Well as you know on previous posts I did ride but I didn't do the rides I had planned because of the head cold that decided to pounce as soon as I slowed down. It would have been too hard to do that kinda mileage when you can't breathe thru your nose. Yesterday after riding I spent the whole afternoon dizzy..and that only after doing 16 miles what would have happened after 42?
I did catch up on my TIVO watching...9 episodes of Rescue Me and I feel the need to drink Irish Whiskey and cuss a lot.

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