Friday, October 22, 2010

I hit a wall

Last night I could not keep up with the Non-Stop wasn't that anything hurt I just could not keep up.
Dave thinks I've been riding too much..He made me promise to rest. 
This Morning Jose and I rode from his house and then went to a Colombian Restaurant for breakfast....It was my last 15 or so miles till Tuesday.  I don't have any photos...For some reason Jose doesn't like his photo taken.
I'm going camping without a bicycle.  I'm already feeling the withdraw.


Mel said...

Oh dear.... This is going to be difficult for you--but he might have a point.

Sounds like you're weary.....

Linda said...

Dave may be right, you do ride A LOT which is quite admirable but might be wearing you out just a tad. Why, I bet you even bike in your sleep!