Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm still here

Surgery was Thursday. 
I stayed at Mom's house until this morning.
Oxycontin makes me itch.
I have to wear anti embalism white hose..they remind me of the tights I wore to Wade's High School graduation.
White Tights make my legs look fat.
I already miss my bike riding tribe big time.
Most everyone called or Texted Thursday night to check on me..Most everyone.
I am walking without crutches as per Doctor orders.
It hurts but not too bad.


Linda said...

Morphine makes me itch something awful - I hate it!

Rest and relax so you can ride!

Mel said...

Rest. Relax. Let healing happen.

(we'll hope for it to be swift!)

Take care of you!
And let people help, eh?