Saturday, November 06, 2010

Seven Things I didn't know Last Sunday

There is a Sean Miller in my bike group..He is older than my Sean and he rides bikes and wears glasses..that's all I could find out without being his  facebook

Even after all the jumping thru hoops that I did...I got the tests scores from Montgomery College and my grades for the 2 uncredited classes I took, I got my high school transcripts from the State of Maryland, Sat in the councilors office for 2 hours to be told I still need the placement test.  Seems they just realized MC is in another state and I went to High School 27 years ago...duh

My surgeon for my knee is Latin.  Since he is, he has both his fathers name and his mothers.  His mothers family name is Huff and she is from Louisville Kentucky.  He wanted to know if we were related..I told him it was a good possibility since those hillbillies breed like rabbits up there in the cold mountains.

I had a MRI taken on my knee Thursday...The Surgeon wants to operate right away.  Its a meniscus tear and it has been getting worse since I hurt it in June.  I will have to stay off the bike for at least 4 weeks.

I was going to go camping next weekend with the Squirrels but I will be recovering from surgery. 

It really worked out as far as my schedule goes...I had Thursday and Saturday off already so I just have to use a personal day for Friday.  Tim didn't have to do that much rearranging and I should be able to return to work Monday...I will be sitting a lot tho.

Last friday I was in a foul mood.  I joined Jose and Whispy at the beach.  I could not get my credit card to work in the master meter so I was going to go home but someone gave me their had an hour and 1/2 left.   I neglected to go back and add more time and I got a 20 ticket.  I think I brought it on myself for the foul mood and neglecting to add money....lesson learned.

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Mel said...

I was gonna accuse you of having too much fun for one person.
And then I read about the MRI....and the ticket....