Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seven Things I didn't know last Sunday

The 4 leafed Paw Paw shrub they are working so hard to save at JD Park is same family and genus as the Paw Paw tree that grew in the south. 

Lemon Pledge is great to wipe bike down after rides...removes sweat and salt and smells good too.

I have found a way to eat lima beans.  Many of you know I have had a rough struggle with beans...I still won't eat pinto beans but I have had chili with kidney beans and this weekend I ate lima beans.  Julio put them in the Paella...I ate it in the dark where I couldn't identify what I was eating. So I guess I can eat lima beans on camping trips in the dark...a couple times I didn't like the texture of something I just pushed it to the side and kept on eating....lots of wine helps too.

Jenny McCarthy writes a pretty good book.

The new photo upload on blogger will turn photos back to original shooting position even after you change it in another program. I have about 8 great shots Kimberli took sideways and can't upload them without the photos turning back. 

Multiplying and dividing fractions is easier than adding and subtracting fractions.

Every time I take The CPT (college placement test) after the 1st time I have to pay $10.00.  I can only retake it 3 times..4 times total.



Sonja said...

Lima beans??????? be still my heart, never thought I'd see the day you eat a bean.

Linda said...

Lima beans have never ever been a favorite of mine though I do like other beans - including pinto and dark red kidney and anything in a can marked "Bush"! Those folks make some seriously good beanage!

I don't use the photo uploader in Blogger anymore but instead copy and paste the HTML from Flickr. I've heard of too many problems that people have had with Blogger with pictures. It's a couple extra steps but at least I know my pictures will stay upright!

Mel said...

Now see, I like lima AND butter beans! But I also know about texture and ucky stuff my mouth just can't wrap its head around.

Job well done on the Pledge with the bike! I can see sales going through the roof! k..maybe not....