Monday, January 03, 2011

Sunday Hallandale Morning Ride

Total Distance 16.69
Total Time 01:31:43
Moving Time 01:11:54
Number of Tracks 1
Average Speed 10.92
Average Moving Speed 13.93
Elevation Gain 829
Min Elevation -113
Max Elevation -28

On my phone this application makes the neatest little map of the ride but all I can share is the stats.  Michael Gale and Ralph joined Sandy Stacy and I.  I didn't take a single photo...too busy trying to keep up with the boys.  Going down A1A we got up to 20+mph but I couldn't maintain that speed.  Going thru the lakes in Hollywood we chat and goof off so it makes our average speed much lower.


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Mel said...

Oh but you kept UP with the boys--darn proud of ya for that one! Sounds like the healing has been good.