Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Hallandale Ride

Total Distance 16.67
Total Time 01:41:17
Moving Time 01:17:17
Number of Tracks 1
Average Speed 9.88
Average Moving Speed 12.94
Elevation Gain 813
Min Elevation -106
Max Elevation -29

Slower but I haven't ridden since last Sunday because of the flu.  I had a new rider with fat tires and she couldn't go fast either.  Luciana and I stayed with her for A1A and we waited for her at 5th st.  She caught the light at Sheridan so English Dave went back for her.  I was taking it easy cause I can't breathe..Luciana did a century yesterday so she needed a recovery ride..worked out for all 3 of us.
Link for the map


Sonja said...

That map app is pretty cool. Doncha just love your new phone?

Mel said...

Oy geeze....

Maybe working on feeling better oughta happen first? JUST sayin'.....