Monday, February 07, 2011

I'd rather squat in the woods than share a latrine with THAT!!!

Ok you'll have to picture this story because I didn't take photos.
I get up before anyone else in camp except Steve...the outhouse was behind a group of trees..thank goodness.
I went in and as is my habit I looked all around and seeing no spiders of any kind I proceeded to take a seat and remove my t-shirt to put on my racerback bra.  As I'm slipping it over my head the largest spider I have ever seen crawls from behind the toilet paper roller.  This spider was as big as a can of corn..not the diameter..the height...a can of corn people.
I first screamed and then vacated the premises with my shorts around my ankles and my bra over my head but not attached in the back yet.
I either squatted in the bushes or used the other outhouse the rest of the day.  I made sure I banged on the toilet paper roller thingy first.
I didn't ask the spider what kind he was but he was BIG and really dark brown.


Mel said...

k....I don't mind spiders as a whole. But a can of corn?!

How brave of you to capture the web. Was this before or after the sighting?! OMG

Last Minute Lyn said...

I found the web just a little later. Mary, English Dave and I went exploring to find tracks in the sugar sand and I came across these webs with the mist hanging on them. The outhouse spider was too big for a web.

Gnightgirl said...

Heart attack, I'd have ended up (ass end up) in the same position. I must repress the memory of this blog right now, or I'll never go camping again.