Monday, February 21, 2011

Kim's write up of the weekend

Cap'n Kim Levin
It was a rough start to the weekend. A friend of mine drove my visitor, Matt, out west, closer to the highway. He did me this favor so that I did not have to fight rush hour traffic and travel all the way to my house to pick Matt up. The usual rendezvous location is at the Lowes parking lot, but my friend decided to drop Matt off at the post office. I went to the main P.O., but Matt was not there. Being from Ohio, and being absent-minded, Matt had no idea what P.O. he was at. Three post offices and 45 minutes later, I finally retrieved Matt and we drove to Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest. We arrived just before sunset, and found a nice campsite with oak and palm trees surrounded by wet prairie. Most of the other Wanna Doers were already there.
We set up, cooked a delicious steak dinner on the grill, then joined the group at the fire pit. Vicky was telling another off-color pornographic story with oral demonstrations. While doing something particularly obscene with her tongue, her temporary cap from her front tooth suddenly flew off. It landed right next to the blazing fire. Initially relieved that it did not land in the fire, we all watched in horror as Brett and Lou’s dog gobbled it up. We were all stunned to silence. And, for much of the weekend, poor Vicky had to follow Zoey, the dog, around and sift through her poos until the crown re-appeared (undamaged, but very stinky). Thankful to not have to cover her mouth with her middle finger while speaking, Vicky promptly stuck it back on her tooth.
At night, by the moonlight, some mischievous campers skulked around outside the tents, making foraging and grunting sounds until the sleeping campers woke up screaming in fear. Mary, our newest member, was still shaking the next day and was afraid to come out of her tent alone.
During the day, we bicycled and hiked the trails. We found an overturned cart on the road filled with rotting fruits and vegetables. Matt sifted through the decaying vegetation until he found some juicy treats to generously share with the group.
B went on a firewood gathering mission. She was dragging back a truckload of wood when a hunter spotted her plight. He transported her and her wood back to the campsite.
Then, Lynellen showed up with logs stolen from her neighbor’s yard. So, we had a huge blazing fire on Saturday night. Daniel spent 4 hours patiently rotating and moving his potatoes around the hot embers of the campfire to pre-prepare his potatoes for the next day’s breakfast. Then, he carefully guarded them in a bowl by his feet. But, some trickster removed the potatoes and replaced them with rocks. Brett was blamed for this escapade, and the real culprit was never discovered. The potatoes later re-appeared in the latrine. And Daniel still used them for breakfast. And everyone at the camp still ate them

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