Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Night Kayaking

I almost didn't go.  After visiting Denise I was so relaxed I thought about just staying home but Kim wanted to go so I put my little kayak on the racks and took off.....Totally disorganized, forgot half of what I a paddle.  Gave Kim a quick call and problem solved.
Some clouds rolled in and we got sprinkled on once or twice.  My ball cap and PFD kept me pretty dry.  I love paddling around Ft Lauderdale when no one else is on the water.  You can look right into most home and they are doing normal everyday things like cooking dinner and watching TV..they are just doing it in Mansions.
They skys opened up just as we paddled into the little cove where George English Park is.  20 minutes later everyone had their yacks racked and warm clothing on and heat for the ride home.  Just 3 of us on this trip...Ivan, Kim and I..maybe they thought they would get

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Mel said...

Wow--even with three, what a cool time to make the trip (sprinkled on or not!)
How peaceful that must have been.