Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Morning ride all by myself

see a kinda map of the ride here.

  Originally Joe was going to surf this morning and I was gonna ride down to meet him in Dania to watch for a bit before work.  A cold front came thru last night and usually that means waves...he was going to really surf on the real surf board...didn't want to miss it.
Thursday's Hollywood Urban ride was cold and wet so I didn't go.  So since I didn't ride Thursday night I thought it best to ride Friday Morning.  Wind is coming out of the North so when Joe said no waves I altered my route so that I would be back to the wind on A1A.
The my tracks on my cell didn't record the trip.  I tried to map it out on map my ride and it was acting wonky at Hollywood bridge.  Just didn't want me to go west on Hollywood for some reason.  This map was from last May and almost the same route.   I stopped at Starbucks and decided just to go home..did not want to ride face into the wind on Federal Hwy.
I had to wear leg warmers and a undershirt and windbreaker.  I sweat in the windbreaker so I took it off at Starbucks.  Good thing I decided to come strait home because after stuffing windbreaker into the camel back it made it leak and I was a wet back on the way home.
Its Florida and its cold  Geeze O Man.
Well I think I'm gonna wear my boots to work one last time!!!

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Mel said...

Boots to work is a fun deal.
Starbucks......geeze....sounds like a good morning to me! ;-)