Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday nights Hash House Harriers

Monday is the Fort Lauderdales Hash, I had to work so I got there late.  When I arrived 2 of the hashers had lost the trail and were drinking a couple of beers in behind the Publix in my old neighborhood.  The trail had run from behind the Publix to Presidential circle back down to S. Park and thru the park by the railroad to the beer check at the drive thru on Johnston.  I missed it all because I was working.  I would have loved this one thru my old stomping grounds.  I got to enjoy the circle and was made to drink for arriving late and not being properly attired.  I was warmly greeted by lots of sweaty runners and saw some hashers I hadn't seen for a bit.  I even saw a cyclist buddy(  I knew she was a hasher but it was the first time I saw her at a hash)
The on after was at Shenanigans West.  The have  grilled chicken wings that are awesome.  Virgin Captain and I first set a date for my naming hash then unset it because its so close.  The Rapist(Kim) wants me to do it before she leaves for the summer but I don't see how I can do it by 4/11.  The next chance I will have for a Monday off will be in June or  I could just wait for Sept when she will be back.  I don't have a problem not being named but Kim thinks"No Fucking Hash Name Lynnellen" is too long to say a lot.
I didn't take a single photo.


Sonja said...

That would have been a great ride through our old hood!

Mel said...

LOL Made me laugh.