Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Queen's Meme #72

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #72

1. When is the last time you returned a library book?
2. Is there anyone you'd like to see return to your life?
3. Have you finished your income tax return?Yes

4. Do you ever return things to the store for refund, credit or exchange? Have you had a bad experience with customer service over this issue? Tell us your story.
Yes I have returned things never had a problem.
5. You would like to see your favorite movie named The Return of ___________________.
Don't have a favorite movie I would like to see redone
6.  Is there something you're still waiting to be returned to you?
My sanity

7.  You are in a canyon. On the other side stands your beloved. You stand and shout something to him/her making a large echo. What do you want to hear in return?
I don't have a beloved
8.  If you could turn back and go in the reverse direction in your life, making things better for yourself and those you love, how would your journey begin?
I would get a real job so I could have Saturday and Sunday off like normal people.


Cooper said...

#6 - GMTA

Mel said...


Yes, I know himself exists.....but as long as he's on that side and I'm not--I'm gonna go with your answer. LOLOL

YES, I'll tell him I said that. :-/