Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday Beach day and Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day Joe and I carpooled to the beach and I rode my bike to meet him for Sushi....well we always carpool to the beach but usually I drive to Sushi and today I rode my are the maps: I made one going and one going home.  At 5:40 Johnson Street is ugly with people trying to get home..wasn't as bad after Sushi but a bus passed by me and it was close...I got off Johnson just as soon as I could.  Maybe next time I will use Hollywood.  I forgot my camera for the bike ride but here's some photos at the beach.  I'm still playing with the super zoom feature, I know y'all are tired of seeing picks of Joe on a surf board but he's good practice.

I'm planning on riding my bike to work today also...gotta get moving since I need the extra time to plan lunch pack clothes and ride.

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Mel said...

My goodness that sea is a lovely colour.


Happy Easter to you, ma'am.