Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday night Hash

The Hash that almost didn't make it.  We met at a Coral Gables bar and that's where the on-after was fixing to be, but the bar owners changed their mind and asked us to leave.  We had to scramble to find parking and then go back to find the trail because the hares had already left.  The hares forgot about the walkers so Nav and I had to follow trail to the 1st sangria stop.  The Hares gave us directions to the beer stop but we chose to go to the pinata stop(we walkers be slow about it since I stop and take photos)  One of the Hashers volunteered her home for the circle and Nav and I found a late night Pizza joint for a bite before heading North and home.  

The Nerd and I found some silly britches to wear

It was supposed to be a themed hash..the running of the bulls, but only one of us got the memo

what are they doing with the pinata?

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