Sunday, April 22, 2012

drowned 420 hash

So Cicumspector and I decided to walk/jog the hash so we left ahead of the pack and 25 minutes in we lost trail and the pack caught up. After about 20 minutes the trail was found but we fell behind quickly. We kept going..and going finally finding trail on the railroad tracks.
A beige pick up truck pulls up on the road next to the railroad tracks and I'm thinking..oh great he works for the railroad. Its a federal offense to be trespassing on railroad tracks and I thought we were going to be made to leave and loose trail again. The man got out of the truck and it was Xander. He was late and looking for us so we climbed in back of the pickup and proceeded to follow trail from his truck till we got to a point where the truck couldn't go. We had to sit in the bed because he had just returned from work and the cab was full.
We started following trail again and caught up with Shell Shocked. Meanwhile its getting darker and lightening all around and the storm is coming in fast. Trail went down to the new river and just as we arrived the heavens opened up washing away the trail. Under a awning we regrouped and decided to make a mad dash for the Downtowner.
I called Xander told him to meet us there, tucked phone and key from the rental into my waterproof runners bag, tucked my glasses into my bra and took off running. We were drenched by the time we arrived.
The pack had a beer check by the new river and then went to the Downtowner and had already left we we arrived except for a few who didn't want to run in the rain. Wake me when you come, No Blo Ho, NFHN (insert name here) and her husband NFHN (insert name here)and NFHN Bill were sitting there laughing at us. Wake me led the walkers trail that circumspector and I poo pooed to run the trail so she was a little smugface!
Xander arrived in his pickup and decided because of the rain he would stay there and I joined him. Everyone else ran off to Grady's for circle. Xander and I got the lovely new river salad which has always been a favorite of mine. It has seared sushi grade tuna and baby greens and a yummy soy sesame dressing.
Not long after we shared a keylime pie the hash had returned for the on after.
It was still raining but I needed to go pick up the rental car and move it over to the on after. Not wanting to run 4 or 5 blocks to the start Xander rode me in the back of the pick up to my car. By the time I got there I was freezing cold and decided to go on home.
When Circumspector and I left to run trail I never realized I left my camel back water bottle next to my car. I'm supposed to run with it..oops. It was still sitting on the post when I got back..yippee.

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