Sunday, May 06, 2012

Shit I didn't know Last Sunday

I finally went to the doctor after the heart attack scare at the inter bash and this is what I found out.... I had pneumonia for the whole month of March.  My heart was working harder because of the water in my lungs so my blood pressure was elevated.  High blood pressure makes the bottom of your feet burn.  Because I don't have a thyroid Dr Jones can't give me antibiotics.  After a course of sulfa drugs we thought it best to do more tests just to make sure.
My cholesterol is good
My good cholesterol is great
My sugar levels are good
My T levels are good
I could use a little more omega 3 in my diet
He referred me to a pulmonary specialist to find out why I'm still having trouble breathing.
It wasn't a heart attack is the best news..probably dehydration, and a hypertensive episode caused by the pneumonia.

I have an Epic adventure planned. I get to spend 4th of July with Jo and the Kids but not Sean. He is being deployed to Kuwait.

All the tests that makes 7.

Since I changed the name and I'm having trouble coming up with 7..I may just loose the 7 rule..Shit I don't know is Shit I don't know after all

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