Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daytona H3

I went visiting to Daytona beach for a Wednesday hash. I didn't take any photos so I guess I actually have to type something.

I got off early from work at 1:30 and drove strait thru to Daytona only stopping once for gas and a bathroom brake. I hit a really bad storm just 3 exits from my goal. It rained so hard I couldn't see the road and I found out about a feature on my car I didn't know I had. A slippery when wet sign lights up on the dashboard when I'm huh?

The hash started at a closed down Food Lion, well that's ironic. I met more Daytona Beach Hashers other than the 3 road whores that I met at the Inter-hash Biko-physcho.
Gilligan was the hare. We pre-lubed for about 45 minutes and started to follow trail getting into the shiggy right off but, it was just a check and we went the wrong way.
That was the theme of the whole trail, Wrong way. Koo Koo stayed with me the whole time but I was following him, so he was going the wrong way. We were DFL to the beer check and DFL to the B. The On In was at a bar (Can't remember the name) and when I had to introduce myself as a visiting hasher we notice my necklace now read SHITTI DONT KNOW. During the trail we went the wrong way and had to climb a fence, I can only assume that's where my necklace broke a spacer bead. After circle we all stayed for some food and I broke my no meat rule. They had a roadkill burger that had a slice of fried bologna, fried egg, cheese and mushrooms on a med rare burger. And it was goood.

I drove back Home the next morning stopping in Boynton Beach for a nap. Mindi and I went out to an early dinner and hit Plato's Closet before I drove home.

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