Monday, February 25, 2013

My flat tire adventure

The next morning getting a new tire.
I was driving to pick up Finish for the red dress,   I was on the part of Lyons road where there is not a shoulder.  I kinda had to drive on the flat for a bit because there was no safe place to pull over.  Finally I pulled in front of the county park.  So I called Finish and Xander to come fetch me.  Finish brought fix a flat but the tire was just shreaded.  Finish and I was dressed for the red dress run and Xander has not been long out of the hospital but between the 3 of us we managed to get the lug nuts loosened and the jack started when a passerby came and took over for me.  It must have been a comical sight,  me in a red mini dress trying to jack up a car while Finish in a skin tight dress and Xander in a arm sling suppervised.
Xander in hospital

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