Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

On Tuesday Sean passed his guided missile practical exam.

Monday I almost didn't stay to work out at the gym. I had a whole lot of signs telling me to go home.
1. sports bra would not zip up. Had to wear my industrial everyday bra.
2. Forgot to pack a tank. All I had was the bleached out cami I wear over my tankini if I use the spa.
3. My right contact lens was acting up so the guy doing the arm thingys in front of the stationary bike thought I was winking at him for 30 minutes.
4. The ellipticals were all taken but that was probably a good thing since I had a regular bra and not a sports bra...the girls would be bouncing and thats painful.
5. I forgot to pack a t-shirt to wear home so I had to prance thru Publix with that bleached out cami.
I did 30 minutes on the bike anyway so I should get a gold star.

I had a third key quit so I'm thinking about promoting one of my OD techs to 3rd key but I have to get the T.D.'s approval.

Sal's Ristorante has Cavatelli. Its the first time I've seen it on the menu since I left Girard. Thats my new favorite place.

I can't find anywhere to recycle the helium tanks. I hate filling up a landfill with these big mamma jammas and I use one every 2 weeks for work.

The Wax people are still using my dumpster after calling their corporate office and the management company for the shopping center. I'm real tempted to take their bags and dump them in reception and say "I'm returning your misplaced property" of course I would want to do this with a whole lot of people waiting.

I lost power on Thursday from 4:45 to 7:30 at the store because someone hit something important with their car. Lack of power will not deter eyeglass shoppers. I don't have the authority to close the store but I could have sent employees home. I had to stay until the power came on. Since we still had people shopping I let them stay and sell.

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Mel said...

Wow......they musta hit something important.

Around here, it's folks tilling their gardens. LOL

Happy new week to you!