Friday, August 08, 2008

Lyn Needs a meme

Here's how it works:
Type "[your first name] needs" (with quotes) into Google’s search engine and up pop the first ten results. Nearly all will be amusing. Then share the ones that truly apply. And voila, another meme is on the way.

Lyn needs to qualify as a driver.

Lyn needs our prayers

Lyn needs public search listing on Facebook

Lyn needs help fast

Lyn needs a good 'ol smackin' from someones hand

Lyn needs more sleep

Lyn needs regular physical therapy

Lyn needs specialized psychosocial care

Lyn needs to find the light

Lyn needs to be in, she has a bow

Lyn needs to take a long look in the mirror

Lyn needs stability in her life and family structure

Lyn needs to be a character, no discussion,

Lyn needs some help to get ready for the party.

Lyn needs a shoe intervention

Lyn needs to be told the success factors

Lyn needs to accept that he is a damaged man beyond repair


Linda said...

Some of these are quite funny but that last one left me saying "HUH"??

Mel said...


And all of mine--are about Mel Gibson's drinking adventure.

Now, how fitting is that? ;-)

Mom said...

All 10 of mine were about dogs with my name needing homes, and birds with my name needing a cowbell.