Sunday, August 10, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

This is the best explanation of Graves disease I have ever read.

I hired a new employee for part time. She got the flu so she put off starting work. She finally worked for the first time on Wednesday. She called Thursday and quit. She didn't want to work weekends. When I interviewed her, I told her it's retail we are all expected to work Saturday and I require every other Sunday. Guess she thought I didn't mean it.

Mom looked up a website that was suggested to her by someone she went to school with. She was surprised to find Sean's father on that website.
(Sean's dad is wearing the gamecock sweatshirt)

I made Comp 6 out of 7 days this week.

I got a new fax machine for work. I actually read "the other mans opinion" and programmed some preset numbers.

Everyone thinks I have curly hair. Last Sunday I just blow-dried my hair when I went out with a friend and he commented, "Oh you straightened your hair, it looks nice." Then during the week one of my employees asked if I ever straighten my hair. I have always had perfectly straight hair. What I do is scrunch it with lots of product. It may be a little curlier short, and since it grew back in after it fell out it seems to be thicker.

The jackpot in the Florida Lottery is up to 25 million so I bought 3 quick picks. Wish me luck.

There is a Ledo's Pizza in Tampa Florida.
14432 N. Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, Florida 33618
Is 5 hours to far to drive for pizza? Think they will deliver?


Linda said...

It seems that no one wants to work anymore, doesn't it? They all have to have their perfect hours or they don't want the job. Must be nice not to need money!

Good luck with the lottery!

Mel said...

Five hours isn't too far to deliver. *nodding head*

G'head and order away!!!!

JohnH985 said...

God I hate that...I don't know how many people I hire and tell them it's retail you have to work weekends and than when they have to work the weekends they act surprised.