Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday Ride

I met a man for a drink on Friday night. We had two at the bar and then went to another bar for one more and food. I had a pleasant time. So Sunday we arranged to go on a Harley Ride. We drove all the way down Pines to 27. Pines is a miserable stretch of road with stoplights on every block and so much asphalt and concrete its hotter than Hades. Finally we get to 27 and got some air blowing on us. Then he pulls off to this lonely stretch of road.

Thought crossed my mind that I hooked up with a serial killer and Y'all were never gonna hear from me again. But relax he only needed to smoke a cigarette.
I thought I took a pic of the back of the Harley with the tag and sent it to my email just in case but somehow it didn't work.

Then we drove down a wee bit more to where they have the everglades airboat rides and this little trickster thought we were gonna feed him.
We came back on Pembroke Road so there were a few less lights.
I had a bad case of helmet head.

1 comment:

Mel said...

I had a mild panic moment when I saw that road.....LOL

Hot days on a Harley are still hot days--but somehow more fun?
How is that?!