Monday, October 06, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

Cody and I are car twins. He just bought a Mazda 3 sedan. Black with Black interior.
Ok so we are paternal car twins.

Do you know what this light is? I didn't and it forced me to read the "other man's opinion" when it came on on Sunday evening. The "other man's opinion" said it was the Tire Pressure Monitoring system. It also told me I had to take to the dealer so I don't mess up the sensor. I texted my salesman (Wade) and he told me it was ok to put air in my tires. When it finally stopped raining on Tuesday the light went off but Saturday another round of monsoons started and the light came back on. It has a checkup this month I think I'll mention this to the dealership.

Neeley likes Sioux's crate better than her own. She has taken to sleeping in Sioux's crate and when Sioux is told to get in her crate she has to evict Neeley first.

I learned I don't have a mouse in my break room after all. I have a rat. He was unimpressed with the sticky trap the exterminator put out, he dragged it out to the middle of the floor and took a bite out of it. Moshe went in at O'dark thirty to catch up and surprised Mr Rat. My retail manager is still feeding him too. I said no more food in the cabinets or drawers. He put some packets of condiments in the drawers after I cleaned them out. He didn't consider that food but Mr Rat didn't care he ate them anyway. I had to remove the drawers. Sometimes I feel like a kindergarten teacher.

We need to color code our checkbooks. Mom wrote the last rent check out of my check book and it bounced because I didn't get paid till 10/3. We both had brown checkbooks and they were all together because of the move.

I can't do the seven things from my laptop. I guess I could, but its harder and all my photos are on the pc.

Sioux is having trouble navigating the tile floor. She still likes running but stopping has become a problem. Sometimes it takes a well placed wall to come to a stop.

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Mel said...

Poor displaced puppy skiddin' around the joint.....

He deserves a TREAT!

<--hopes you're feeling much better now.....