Wednesday, October 08, 2008

we had planned to go a scootering

We called 4 times. We asked questions 4 times. We reworded and asked again. Then we drove to Ft Lauderdale and could not rent the scooters because he had to authorize $700.00 on our MC Check cards for $100.00 rentals. Thanks Jack ass when we asked that question 4 times if you could have been up front we would not have wasted your time and ours, not to mention the gas to get there.

So we went to the bike shop I visited last week. I know I'm testy when I don't feel good but they pissed me off too.

So we went to Pancho's Backyard and I got Sopa de pollo and Pan Con Lechon and two margarita's. Then I felt much better.

So we went to another bike shop. This one actually gave me a discount for being a member of OAK. I put it on Layaway and have 10 weeks to pay it off.

I got the pistachio one.
On the way home we saw this:

A Push Me Pull Me Red White and Blue version.
I got scolded by a Hollywood Policeman for doing 28 in a school zone. I didn't see the signs because I was watching the children.

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crazy working mom said...

Margaritas always make me feel better too! :)