Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

Walker and Neely finally killed Sioux's Lizzie. Sioux is mourning the loss. If anyone has one of these McDonald Happy meal beanie Babies they could part with for a grieving puppy email me so we could arrange mailing..its sad to see her so distraught.

I figured out I live, give or take, about 31 blocks from the beach. Lina lives 17.

I'm allergic to a new shampoo I was trying. Made my chest break out. But we found the shampoo I love and couldn't find anywhere. We found it in the Bravo Supermarkets.

I saw a chicken in Plantation on University Blvd. She was pecking around in the rain. I saw a wet hen.

I learned how to turn on a light in the hot tub. I didn't read the other mans opinion...there isn't one.

I have to go to a managers meeting on my 2nd staycation.

My bestest buddy Peter is leaving me to go to Boston. He was laid off so he made the decision quickly. We will have a going away darts party on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I can't find Lizzie, but I can send you an Iggie, and a few Lizzie-shaped toys.

Email me!

I can't comment on this with my blogname, for some reason.


Mel said...

Poor puppy. I hope you can replace the lizard.

And poor Peter. Gosh....dunno what I'd do if I was laid off.

Don't wanna find out, that's for certain!

Wade said...

I thought i told ya how to turn on the light... The other mans opinion is... well... mine. I rebuilt the hot tub myself.