Sunday, November 23, 2008

Neck or ass

Help us solve an argument..the large hole you tie up with string on a it neck hole or ass hole?


Mel said...

Generally it's the...ummm.....other end of the birdie--where one puts the stuffing.
Though, I've known folks to stuff the neck cavity, too. Silly people. LOL

Growing up, we always trussed the turkey and didn't sew. (tied the legs, tucked the wings and used metal pins to hold the cavity shut)

Mom said...

My opinion is that the little backwards "L" shaped things are the wings, the drumsticks are the legs, and the butt hole is between the legs. That's the end I usually stuff....well, the 2 times I actually did a turkey.....I usually do chickens.

Linda said...

Well, I guess the butt end of the turkey is the bigger one to stuf - especially if the turkey happens to be my ex-husband! Sorry, I couldn't resist!

crazy working mom said...

Yup, it's the arse! :)