Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Ride

We got to the beach at 9am to meet the meet-up people. We couldn't find them again so we rode down to Broadwalk cafe and had breakfast. The rode home on Sheridan. Lina's gonna leave her bike here and meet here next Sunday.

I thought exercise made you happy. Evidently that woman who thinks she's the bike lane police didn't get that memo.

Over by Lina's home a rude man in a Corvette thought he needed the shoulder and the road for his really big car. He needs to trade that Corvette in for a bike. Maybe it will make him happier. BTW bikes can be on the road.....he needs to read his driving law booklet again.

It's so hard to get into the Christmas spirit down here...just doesn't feel like Christmas. Hollywood Public Works is trying, they put garlands and ribbons on all the light poles on the Broadwalk.


Mel said...

Boy....I'd struggle with it 'feeling like the holidays', too.

Seriously--I'd miss the snow and cold.

(remind me of that come late January, will ya?) ;-)

Mom said...

Reminder: it's not's hardly Thanksgiving. I'm just saying.