Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

Mom is making purple shit (a family tradition) for Thanksgiving. She's gonna make Lina her own personal purple shit too.

Thursday,I attended a Contact Lens Seminar and dinner with other GM's and Optometrists sponsored by Bausch and Lomb. Google maps could not find the street or the restaurant.

I wore boots to work everyday but Saturday. Friday I still ended up wearing pants boots, so Saturday I wore Chuck Taylors.

Smart Car finally sent me a refund. I saw 3 smart cars yesterday in Plantation. I plan to buy a bike rack with the refund.

My back suede wedge boots do double duty. They not only look great on my legs but remove toe nail polish. BTW, I got a great deep plum polish (almost looks black its so plum)from Avon and have been polishing my toes.

I read that President Elect Obama smokes.

I actually have enough hair to make a pony tail. Its a sad little one inch pony tail but its a pony tail. I'm still gonna wear the dead animal on my head till it grows out tho.

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Mel said...

k..... What's 'purple shit'?

*laughing* Ya KNEW I'd ask!!!!