Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dead Santas and smelling X-Mas trees

Took a short ride to go to Publix to smell Christmas and on the way there and back saw dead Santa's and Dead Snowmen


Linda said...

My gosh - someone is going through Florida and killing all of the snowmen and Santas!

Gotta wonder, though, is that what little kids think when they see these poor things just lying there waiting to be inflated?

And yes, you may use the clock if you so desire (I think I have a watermark on it).

Mom said...

The first time I came to Florida was at Christmas. I was amazed at all the dead Santas, Rudolphs, and Snowmen. People here only plug them in and inflate them during the night, and I can only believe that they save electricity by doing that.
After my third Christmas here, it's still good for a giggle.

Mel said...

OH NO!!!!!!!


Mr. Snowman and Penfold the Penguin--ONLY in cases of severe weather that might kill 'em.....LOL.....then I kill 'em first?